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Originally Posted by canadian stig
Originally Posted by bobblehead View Post
In the US, I understand a dealer can sell for MORE than the MSRP, this is illegal in Canada to sell higher than MSRP, to get around it, dealers may have to put in additional aftermarket equipments, say tinting to sell for more.
State the source of your information. I read this several times on the internet yet never seen any solid and convincing evidence that it's true. MSRP is manufacturer suggested retail price. It doesn't have any legal standing and is definitely not some legally binding maximum price. Dealers can charge whatever they want as long as there is no deception involved. In fact I'm pretty sure many cars like the GT-R and the 1M are sold for way over MSRP when they come out as new models. Heck, I've SEEN a 1M selling for over MSRP at a bmw dealer a few months ago. The extra $$$ above MSRP wasn't some admin fee. It was clearly labelled as a "market correction" or "market price" or something like that.
I am not quite sure where such info can be verify but back in 2008, when I still worked for dealership, we were not allowed to sell anything over the MSRP. however, there is a trick as we could buy back customers' cars (high demand ones of course) and sell them for more than MSRP. that's what I have seen with the 1M's situation. Could the policy be different in each province? Maybe but I don't know for sure.
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