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Looking at that test I wouldn't say either jammer worked better than the other. They both performed very well but the lack of testing on 3 guns for the LI? Sure the LI does better on some does the Blinder. The LI heads are much bigger OVERALL. I don't know anyone that would say otherwise... I'll try to find the links on the forum I was reading some time ago when I ordered the Blinder which has additional testing. I'm not familiar with the problem mentioned with the 905 so I can't really comment there.

Regaring the radar information, I probably should have posted that their performance is SIMILAR (I guess that's the only thing that needs to be corrected). I said they basically had the same features...pressing a button to input a false signal and automatically picking it up is similar IMO. Every new radar from Bel/Escort is going to keep getting better obviously but my point was radars can only take you so far...

I understand that putting the radar on an angle hurts the performance slightly...for ME it's the best place to put the radar for looks and I've been doing so for 9 years with no performance issues.

I think you missed the overall point of the post saying you can't go wrong with any of the top radars from Escort/Bel (are they still the same company?) and Jammers from Blinder / LI.

People's posts usually have some of their own opinion in them...

BTW I don't beleive everything I read from radarroy considering I just found out who he was from your post...but thanks! Do you own an LI & STi?

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