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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Agreed. In fact, overall the M3 beats up the Boss in my opinion. The M3 is clearly a better overall car, and clearly better on the street.

Not so much on track, though.

Uh, you mean cars designed to compete on road courses, right? If so (and I assume so), I agree.

We're talking stock, smog legal street cars here, right? Race cars are something else.

Not by alot in GS and ST. If you were into racing you'd know that.

Not me. You can go faster on way fewer dollars in the Mustang.

Started in an SN95 when I was a teenager. Beating my lap times in a fairly stock E46 M3 is pretty depressing. I had over 10k into that car, counting the 6k I paid for it.

I don't know anybody who's advocating for a solid axle on a road course. "Insane", though? You might want to get a grip.

I said anyone who would argue otherwise is insane. Are you insane? As for grip my I have lot's of that with my IRS. I also have good tires, so you don't need to worry about that.

Perhaps you have me confused with someone who actually gives a damn about how race cars are doing. We're talking stock Boss 302 vs stock M3.

Yes we established you don't know anything about racing. Otherwise you'd know that GS is damn near showroom racing. It's a proving ground for factory cars and the solid rear axle is why the M3 and Camaro beat it.

You want anecdotal? My son and a couple of newly-found track buddies who run stock Boss 302s down in Texas never bother talking about M3s. They just drive around them while winning and losing with Porsches.

Cool story. Tell him to get an M3 and stop fighting the laws of physics.

However, your anecdote and mine are worth precisely nothing. Check, type in M3 vs Boss 302, and see how these cars compete on various tracks.

I did see above.

In my opinion, the M3 is the way better car, but the facts say the Boss is quicker on drag strip and road course. Not by a lot, though - which speaks volumes about how great an overall compromise the bimmer is, again in my opinion.

Show me a back to back comparison. Same driver, same day. This thread has one such and the M3 won.


In blue.

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