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The guy above be nailed it with his review. I have owned several radar detectors and have been really into radar/laser protection since I have been driving (almost 9 years now). I prefer my 9500 over the V1 as the V1 had far too many false alarms, to the point I would ignore it in situations where I shouldn't have. Personally I do not care where the signal is coming from; if my radar goes off in an area where there is nothing to interfere (easy to get used to once you get one) I am slowing down until that signal is gone. Sure arrows would be nice, but not at the expense of additional false alarms. Also, I have noticed better range in my 9500 for detecting real threats compared to th V1. There was a point before the 8500 came out that the V1 was basically king but those days are over. If you are looking for highway protection you need a laser jammer. Blinder just came out with the 905 mentioned in my signature which is the best performing jammer at the moment. Laser Inteceptor is another great brand but is much bigger in size but now that the 905 is out it has moved to 2nd place. The Escort ZR4 is probably the best "mainstream" jammer but it doesn't jam as well as the blinder or LI. 90%+ of the time Laser is shot from the front which is why I have three heads; two in the front & one in back.

FYI the 9500, top of the line Escort custom radar (9500ci) and the top of the line Bel all perform the same and have basically the same features. I have my 9500 hardwired and placed basically behind my rear view mirror sloping downwards so the display just shows below. I couldn't find a better place for the custom 9500ci and I had a 9500i so I decided to put the money saved towards the blinder. I have the blinder unit placed near my right knee when sitting in the drivers seat which is perfect for use and stealthy. My ashtray is taken by my methanol switch so that wasn't an option for the custom 9500ci but I prefer keeping my eyes forward anyway. You can't go wrong with any of these top radars including V1. The most important part is the laser jammer where the difference in performance is huge and will be the difference in getting a ticket or driving by with a smile.
There are a few items in your post that need to be corrected. Escort has produced three radar detectors in the 9500 series. The 9500ci is a remote mounted custom installed radar detector that includes their ZR4 laser shifters. The 9500ci comes with many parts that need to be installed in the vehicle: 1. The radar antenna, 2. The display, 3. The control module4. The gps antenna, 5. Speaker, 6. Interface, and lastly the ZR4 shifters. The 9500ci shares it's radar antenna with the Escort Redline (a windshield mount radar detector), Beltronics STi Magnum (windshield mount), and Beltronics STiR+ (remote mount). These radar detectors are currently the most sensitive radar detectors on the market. Due to user customization settings that are currently only available for the STiR+ (but has been announced that they will be releasing the same customization settings for the Redline), the STiR+ is the most sensitive and reactive radar detector available. For most drivers in most situations the Escort 9500ci will detect most radar encounters, but the STiR+ will detect radar signals the 9500ci misses, and detect others sooner. If you drive in Texas or the Carolinas, I would not recommend the 9500ci.

The other Escort 9500 are the 9500i (windshield mount) which was discontinued and the 9500ix (windshield mount) which replaced the 9500i. The difference between the two is that the 9500i needed the user to manually lockout a false signal, whereas the 9500ix will automatically lock out a false signal after three to six encounters with the false signal. Otherwise these two radar detectors are the same. They are based on a different radar, less sensitive and less expensive radar antenna than the 9500CI.

Additionally, for maximum performance your radar detector should be mounted level. Radar antennas are highly directional, and having your radar detector angled up or down hurts its performance.

As far as laser jammers go; the Blinder HP-905 is a good laser jammer, but the Laser Interceptor still slightly out performs it in head to head independent testing.

There is a problem with some of the Blinder HP-905 CPUs causing poor performance with 125 pulse per second LIDAR guns. This issue has recently been discovered, and a solution is being addressed by Blinder.

The Blinder HP905 is narrower than the Laser Interceptor, is longer than the laser Interceptor.

Nic, you can't believe everything you read from RadarRoy.