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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Yeah- sometime the next day just say "It was a pleasure spending the evening with you. Let's get together again sometime soon". If you can, work in something particularly memorable or funny from the evening before...maybe she mentioned some kind of quirk she has and you can give her a funny nickname based on that. Adding something like this is all about being memorable and creating an emotional response.

Don't wait too long. You need to create "emotional momentum".

What was the messaging app?
Thanks! This is great advice. The messaging app is called Wechat or "weixin" in Chinese. It is commonly used by Asians. So if you're into Asians..go for it!

Originally Posted by MpimpingV View Post
Yeah say you enjoyed her company and try to make another date for fri. This time get a room or invite her over later. The ny thing is kind of weird but if you hit it off I don't see why it would be bad expect if she wants to go shopping lol. Gl
I called her today (about 12 hours after I spoke to her), and left a voicemail saying I've enjoyed meeting her and would really like to see her again and would like to work a date out. Very quick voicemail: about 15 seconds

Originally Posted by IFX View Post
what messaging app? i'm curious to hear about people's experiences with meeting people in this kind of technological way..

Anywho, definitely hit her up tomorrow. Give her some time to digest what has taken place on the date etc. You do NOT want to seem needy. But obviously this changes when you guys start seeing eachother more often, become more acquainted etc.
Great advice brother! I've been thinking about her a lot recently, but I've been keeping my cool and only left a voicemail (she didn't pick up since she's apartment hunting like crazy) on the next day.

See first response for the messaging app name!

Originally Posted by fitchesbass View Post
: over thinking it :

Call whenever you want. An initial call want come off as needy. If/when you start dating if you start tracking/calling/texting her every hour of the day... that is needy/insecure.

BTW saying we are 'just meeting up for coffee' is really a way of being able to bail if the moment she met you, she wasn't somewhat interested. Since you guys hung out for awhile I wouldn't sweat it.
Wise words, my man. I've only left her a voicemail and don't play to shoot anything more to her unless she replies back.

Thank you for the coffee analysis. We were only meant to hang out for 30 minutes or an hour, but pretty spent the entire night hanging out.

Originally Posted by jpsum View Post
Call her when your pecker gives you the signal.

Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
Do what feels right. I would just send her a text or something like that the next day and tell her you enjoyed the date. There's no need to play games like waiting for a certain amount of hours or try to make it seem like you don't need her. Just be yourself.
Already did! Left her a quick 15 second voicemail saying I enjoyed meeting her and would like to see her again soon. I will be myself. Now it's just the waiting game. If she doesn't reply within 2 weeks, I'll just guess she lost interest (but from the date - her body language and behavior showed otherwise).

Originally Posted by Bimmer Nerd View Post
Simple dating question would be something along the lines of "Do you try to fuck on the first date?"

This is more along the lines of "give me a detailed response as to wtf i am suppose to do next with step by step directions"

Anyways, just call her whenever, make it short and just say that u had fun on the first date and u want to hang out again. Dont have a 3hr life deep conversation.
If she agrees try to plan something casual where u guys can just chill/be in a relaxed atmosphere. (comedy club is a good 2nd date idea)

GL, sounds like you need it
Thank you

I will follow all of the advice listed here (most of them went along the same lines). Glad people aren't here to troll OP.

Will keep you guys updated on what happens in the next few days.