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Wink Simple dating question

Hey guys,

I've went out on a date with a girl I've met from a messaging app yesterday and wanted to get your advice.

The date lasted from 5 to 11pm (we originally only planned on getting coffee). She was a little shy in the beginning of the date, but started to open up halfway to later during the date. She started referring to doing future plans like going to New York for Christmas together (a good sign I guess), started to grab my arm, body language looked more open, etc. I gave her a peck on the cheek after I dropped her off and she gave me her number before I left. Her rooomate was home so we probably couldn't do anything either, but I want to take it slow and not rush into things.

It seems like she's interested, but how long should I wait before calling her? I want to do it tonight, but afraid that may make myself show as needy.

Opinions appreciated guys! Thanks!

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