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Track Pad + Rotor Gone After 1 Track Day

So I posted up earlier in the week about properly embedding my pagid pads and was able to do about nine 80-15 consistent stops and then nothing but highway driving to cool them down a bit. On my first session I could tell the pads were still breaking in, but they started to feel great. Sessions 2-4 felt amazing and it seemed like all was going well. Last session of the day 5 laps in, my brakes started feeling a bit faded so I took it easy, next thing I know I get an error message from the car telling me pad wear is at a I pull off the track. After cooling down I pull into the garage and realize I have absolutely no pad left on my passenger front, the cross drilled holes are all filled in, and it seems like some metal to metal rubbing definitely occurred from the backing plates.

The track was Homestead, and my cooling down consisted of easily 10+ minutes of driving with no braking. Pads and brake fluid was installed by a professional and not myself. After reading nothing but good things about the longevity of these pads I am curious to know how it is possible that I absolutely obliterated a pair of front pads after one track day? Any input is of course much appreciated.