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Originally Posted by bobblehead View Post
Yup. The amount of discount negotiated for just enough to cover all these crappy fees. That's how I negotiated to my best ability at that time.

Many other GTA dealers refused to discount even 1 penny off the M5, as one said to me "It a M5, you can't expect us to discount such a low volume and prestigous M car" .... this was quoted by Mitzi Brown, sales Mgr of Endras BMW. what a joke !
Looks like the dealers here on the west coast having problem moving their 2012 M5s as all the dealers I have called/contact have multiple M5s in stock. They all promise VERY GOOD deals, but I am curious to see what they can do without factory incentives to help them making moves. In 2008, I waited until the last day of OCT and scored a great deal on my M3 (got nearly $8k off with 0.9% finance). I am willing to wait and see what will happen.

Congratulations to your M5 purchase and now just go ahead & enjoy it!
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