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In the US, I understand a dealer can sell for MORE than the MSRP, this is illegal in Canada to sell higher than MSRP, to get around it, dealers may have to put in additional aftermarket equipments, say tinting to sell for more.

The buyers in Canada are not stupid, unless you don't care and simply want a M car at any cost, then I can understand. There are so many dealers in where I live, I can easily tracked down 10 dealers within a 100km radius zone and to see who is willing to deal. That's how I shopped and got my deal done and mind you, I have never paid MSRP on any of past cars, given that I change cars every two years or so.

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Maybe she's right for the wrong reason. It's all about price elasticity, or supply/demand. If the demand is there, they can sell for above MSRP. A better sales tactic would have been..."I have a few potential buyers at MSRP or MSRP plus, therefore unfortuantely I cannot offer you at a price below MSRP. I wish we could but we have such a small allocation of these terrific M cars...I hope you understand."