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BMW M Performance Exhaust

I've had the exhaust for 10 months and I've noticed what appears like "kinks" on the polished tips. These kinks look like slight bends different from radius of the opening so you can actually see a variation in curvature. Curl your index finger and then look from the side at your knuckles. Note how the radius changes at the knuckle. This is what I am describing. The exhaust is great, I never had any paint flakes, but this kinking or folding detracts from the looks. I may have BMW warranty the exhaust.

*** Took another look, the kink happens where there is a seam on the tip. If you look at the inside of the tips each one has a seam. Clearly the tips are fabbed by rolling a piece of titanium plate and then welding it. A bad heat treatment and I can see how deformation, even possibly a crack might form. Time for a warranty claim in November. ***
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