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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
At least this isn't an M3 vs. C63 argument In-fighting within the family is always much more productive

The 1M is a great performance bargain IMO. The M3 is better overall (especially for a track oriented car) but the 1M is probably a better "value." I also find it funny when people start arguing drag times... the my e-peen is bigger than your e-peen bench racing is entertaining. Funny that neither car was really built to be a dragster and are both much, much more than that but people still measure their worth on stop light races. If that is your measure, get something other than an M car.
You say a better "value" but are you referring to pricing as well? Because from what I have seen the number of cars that have some level of "mark-up" on them suddenly have this car costing as much as an M3.

And that leaves the owner "hoping" it doesn't see the standard depreciation that an M3 sees.

As far as the drag comment, I agree. The way to handle all of those arguments though is to do somethign like Top Gear. Get a magazine company to either build a small test track or consistently rent a certain race track and test every car on there with the same driver. It's the best way to really argue about the best traits of these types of cars.

Unfortunately very few companies on this side of the pond would want to toss that much money into it, especially since most Americans would still spend most of their time arguing 1/4 mile numbers anyway...