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Hey guys.
As I'm going through power steering hell the last weeks.
Any news on failures or DIY guides available?

Looking for more experiences in the field as I had my car several hundred laps on the Nordschleife without any issues (running Macht Schnell pulleys from day1) but due to a technical failure we removed them and had to install the stock pulleys again.

This lead to a boiling power steering just after 1 lap!

At the moment I'm looking for possible ideas or solutions as I cannot believe that it's the power steering as in cold conditions everything runs perfect.
But I also cannot believe that the Macht Schnell pulleys prevented my power steering system of overheating over the last year.

I did a little deep dive into things yesterday.
The stock setup is:
Crank pulley - 12cm diameter
Power Steering Pulley - 10.8cm
=> 1.11 ratio to the power steering. At 8000rpm your power steering pump will do ~8880rpm

Macht Schnell:
Crank pulley - 10.5cm
Power Steering pulley - 11.8cm
=> 0.88 ratio to the power steering. At 8000rpm your power steering pump will do 7120rpm

With the stock pulleys temperatures of the oil get over 100 degrees celsius (212 Fahrenheit) just driving a little bit faster on a windy mountain road at 20 celsius (68 Fahrenheit) air temperature easily.
But that on a public road without the heat and load like on a race track.

Will do some testing within the next days.
Hope you have some more ideas...