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Originally Posted by schnell325 View Post
Saw this on FB.

Thanks it was a good time. Was kinda cringing during the dyno runs as I don't think I've even taken it above 8,000 RPM myself. Anyway, its broken in now and I'm ready to beat the snot out of it

Originally Posted by EAS View Post
This M3 is a beast, here are results from today:

Conditions were 95F inside, it was HOT! Looking forward to see what she puts down next!
Thanks guys for getting me in so quickly! I'll be back quite a few times in the next few weeks as the mods get installed.

Originally Posted by Orange fever View Post
Fresh off the factory line......nice stock numbers
I was originally trying to dyno it the same day I picked up the car but that's probably a little crazy

Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Amazing results Longboarder and well done with the data measurement, EAS.

I recall EAS posting a dyno of an AW E90 M3 that put down 364whp and 267wtq STD. Which looks right in line with your results. I'm kind of bummed out, I thought Melbourne Red was the fastest color, but clearly it's Alpine White

Please do more runs with your exhaust setup too before the boost!
Ahh see its Mineral White...the metallic flakes give it a couple more HP than the AW

Sorry but in order of mods, I'm gonna install the supercharger first, then the exhaust (catless MRF mid pipe and Akra slip), and then the meth...and then a bunch of little tweaks. I want to see the delta I can get with the mods on top of the blower. I'm cautiously optimistic that I can gain another 50 - 75 RWHP with the exhaust, meth, fine tuning. Thinking 510 wheel with just the blower and 580 when all is said and done.

Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
anyone wanna explain to me the difference between STD and SAE. this car is a beast none the less!! i need to get on a dyno im curious to see what my car puts down
Good idea about the differences...but when I come back to dyno I will be comparing apples to apples...i.e. SAE stock to SAE with the blower.

Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Very nice numbers...

Are you positive it was on something later than 231E?

I'm not completely convinced unless you verified the revision it has. I have tuned a few 2013 cars and they all had 231E.

Now that you have a good baseline it's time for mods
I'm actually not positive and so if you saw 231E then maybe I'm wrong. I heard about the new software and was assuming perhaps that factor fine-tuning accounted for some of the power. As soon as we crack it open next week for the supercharger tune we will know for sure and I will let you know if it's 240E.
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