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^ I live in the weller to do area of tampa where everyone has a 328i. E90's dominate the population 10:1 of any other body. I am very surprised I haven't seen but one new F30. Very odd. I think it's a combination of issues. The E90 was out when everyone was taking a 3rd or 5th mortgage out on their house to buy a car or whatever. In general I think the trend of buying new high end cars is not even close to what it was in the mid 2000's. Will take a few generations to forget 2009 when the world almost came to an end. I work in construction, I graduated college in 2007. I don't think I"ll ever forget. Telling you, the F30 is bigger, ugglier, the magazines don't like it and the economy is against it. you do the math. If it's not taking over new tampa by now, I think it will only get worse for it.