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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
I don't see how I have been disrespectful at all. There is enough tests out there that show the performance is "essentially" identical up to about 100. I didn't know that we were going to be arguing a SINGLE TENTH of a second. The driver's skill level is going to be the biggest factor when you are talking about manual cars. So with the same testing techniques/equipment, CD averages the results and we have 1/10 of a second difference in both 0-60 and 1/4 mile, 2mph 1/4 mile speed, essentially the same grip and braking. I know that beyond the 1/4 mile speed the M3 will walk the 1M, I owned an E90 and am familiar with it's high en capabilities. I don't want to spend a Sunday in prison like my brother for those antics. I save that for the track. But for that <100mph fun on public roads, neither car is going to destroy the other.0-60:
1M= 4.5sec
M3= 4.4sec

1/4 mile:
1M= 13.0 @ 109mph
M3= 12.9 @ 111mph

1M= .97g
M3= .94g(other tests show .97g)

Braking 70-0:
1M 159ft
M3 163ft(other tests show 158-159ft)

It's obvious that you have'nt had the chance to compare them side by side since you continue to talk about high end power difference, I could repeat it to you all day, I guess you just choose to ignore but the M3 is a hell of a lot faster then the 1M from 75-80mph, that's not high end speed, that's 3rd gear in my M3!! And when I say the 1M has no show, I mean NO SHOW, think about it, 330hp vs 414hp and not much weight difference! So when you say that beyond 1/4mile speed the M3 will walk the 1M, it's simply not true, I pass the 1/4 mile at 111mph and I pass the 1M easily at 80mph! Maybe the 1M is faster then the M3 in the 0 to 40mph, that could explain the similaritys in the 0-60times but for sure as soon as I shifted in 3rd gear the 1Ms that I've raced were not even close(approximatly 2-3 car lenghts only in 3rd gear) and by the end of the 4th gear I had like 10-15 car lenghts(enough that I wondered if my friend was still WOT but he assured me he was) and we repeated that race 7 other times with the same result and a year later, same race against a diffenrent 1M and still the same result, maybe it's not scientific but at least it's not 0-60 numbers in a magazine!!

So in my opinion, in most part of real life situations the M3 is a lot more performing, because real life situation for me is not 0 to 40mph but 40mph to whatever you're willing to go!!

No offence but magazines numbers don't tell the owl story!