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Active Autowerke VS ESS SC real world comparison video

I came across this on another forum and I thought it'd be interesting to post. When I had an M3 I was actually looking into both kits (I decided to take the money for a SC and just buy a GTR instead)

Here is what I can gather:

White E90 M3 - AA Stage 2+
  • DCT
    Full cat less exhaust

Black E92 M3 - ESS VT1-535 (Camera Car)
  • DCT
    Upgraded Pulleys
    Methanol Kit
    Fully cat less w/ cutouts

Grey E92 M3 - ESS VT2-600
  • DCT
    96.5mm Pulleys
    Akra exhaust

The Active car simply pulls! If you look back to other threads people were bashing the kit say that it was really not much quicker than the ESS-535 kit or even the 600 kit.

The black e92 shows some impressive power with the upgraded pulley and meth injection, I think the car running the 600 kit w/ meth vs the AA car would be interesting