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You got to look at serveral factor. From 09-11, McLaren has not been able to produce a car to win a championship both in WCC and WDC. They are competitive but their approach mentality always land them in 2nd or 3rd place. I think LH realized that he isnt going to have a chance to take a WDC this year due to operational issues earlier in the season. In his eyes, thats four years of finishing 2-3. Seems McLaren approach to win is different then his view. If you look at Ferrari and RB, they clearly have a no.1 driver and they are backing one driver at a time, with McLaren, they are trying hard to back both drivers. I think McLaren mistake here is LH and JB makes up a bad combo, because their driving style are different. They need to back a single driver and that is LH view of approach, he performs well if you feed on his ego.