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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
....not vastly faster, but not identical either...let's be fair, that's all.....We outta be able to have a respectful and amicable conversation about these cars without getting so defensive or throwing indirects here and there. Both great cars, both similar performance overall (manual of course), and both have their pros and cons...simple as that.
I don't see how I have been disrespectful at all. There is enough tests out there that show the performance is "essentially" identical up to about 100. I didn't know that we were going to be arguing a SINGLE TENTH of a second. The driver's skill level is going to be the biggest factor when you are talking about manual cars. So with the same testing techniques/equipment, CD averages the results and we have 1/10 of a second difference in both 0-60 and 1/4 mile, 2mph 1/4 mile speed, essentially the same grip and braking. I know that beyond the 1/4 mile speed the M3 will walk the 1M, I owned an E90 and am familiar with it's high en capabilities. I don't want to spend a Sunday in prison like my brother for those antics. I save that for the track. But for that <100mph fun on public roads, neither car is going to destroy the other.

1M= 4.5sec
M3= 4.4sec

1/4 mile:
1M= 13.0 @ 109mph
M3= 12.9 @ 111mph

1M= .97g
M3= .94g(other tests show .97g)

Braking 70-0:
1M 159ft
M3 163ft(other tests show 158-159ft)