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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
My question, is, however, why do "some" 1M owners tend to use the M3 as their punching bag to make their point across?
Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
....So Yes, I take the 1M as a very good track car, and a good 1st run from BMW to test the waters for a smaller M coupe sibling by using a parts bin approach.....
You say 'parts bin' like it's an insult. The fact that the parts you speak of come directly from the M3 might be the problem here. Does that bother you? Help me understand?

Originally Posted by shaq diesel View Post
....While the 1M was a limited production car, it's still a "parts bin" car...
See above.
Originally Posted by Ken37.73 View Post
....the 1M is third rate in every way compared to the M3. You could also mention that the 1M is a manky looking Noddy car of a thing and is so badly proportioned that it's like something a child would draw...
You would get along nicely with the guy OP met!
Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
I'm intrigued with 1M owners and have been watching them to see what makes them tick. My conclusion is that they are even bigger M whores than M3 owners and are usually slow as hell on the track.....
Correction. You and Ken should get together with the 1M owner OP met.
Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
....There is not enough makeup or alcohol in the world to take the ugly out of the 1 series.......You are right, the M3 is my loyal wife. These other guys are leasing so they have no loyalty.
Wrong. There was a poll in the 1M section and due to the horrible lease offers on the car, most are in fact purchased.

Does this answer your question? Seems to me that the only insults fueled by insecurity is coming from your camp.