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Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
OK my issue number 2 is....

I drop my car recently in springs... When i drive it hard in the corner i hear a rubbing sound, sounds like a whining sound and goes up at a higher speed. The sound does not go away even if im driving in a straight line then stops after driving 1 mile or 2 in a straight line.. if i make a hard right again then starts again then goes away after driving in a straight line. I took the wheels out and cant see anything that is rubbing or dragging.... its weird cause the sound goes up if my RPM goes up but then goes away...

ok this is not another normal IDLE problem...

ok when i turn my wheel in full lock left or right while at park 6mt in neutral my RPM goes up by 200-300 and i hear a whistling sound... and my rad fan is still spinning even if my engine is totally off. for the last 3+ years i had never encountered this problem.

can anyone chime in if this is normal?

1. fan running after car is off is totally normal..

2. Turning wheel left or right while car is stationary will cause RPMs to fluctuate; again normal..DO NOT HOLD THE WHEEL AGAINST THE LOCK; this is a great way to burn out the pump.. you may be hearing the whining of the pump which is also normal (to an extent) if it's really audible have it looked at