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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
Seems like a lot of people talking out of their asses. People who haven't owned both cars or even driven both cars. Stock for stock both cars are identical in acceleration to 100mph. Both cars make it to 1/4 mile in 12.9sec, beyond that, aerodynamics and the M3's high end power will begin to take over and start creating a gap.

In fact, from my personnal experiences(I've raced at least 10 times against 2 different stock 1Ms on the highway from 50 to 120+mph with my stock manual E92), the 1M is equal with the M3 up to until I shift in 3rd gear(around 75-80mph) and then it's a complete destruction, not even a close race so I can only imagine how a DCT M3 would annihilate a 1M specially in the 0-100mph.

Edit: and this ain't some stupid street racing kill story, the first 1M I've raced was my friends, we raced like 8 times in a row on the highway on our way back from a track day at Calabogie last summer, and just to confurm that, I raced a different 1M twice a couple of days ago, same condition, highway, 2nd gear to 4th, same result, not even close!

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