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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
Excellent post, but as one who has driven both extensively on the track (well, the 1M not "extensively" but enough), I have to correct the following:

That's incorrect. Same track, same day, I've driven both (DCT vs 6MT) C&D's numbers are:

M3: (DCT: 0-60 3.9s, 1/4 @ 12.4s)

indeed. How does the M3 with an Akra or Gintani or Eisenmann race sound...?

Again, you make some very good points, most of which I agree with, but lets keep "Facts" vs "Opinions" on certain areas (such as performance numbers, or "modded" sounds, etc) to the numbers...

I've owned/own both cars. 3yrs on the E90M3 and 1yr now with the 1M.

My exhaust comment was reflecting my dislike for the the stock 1M exhaust more than anything else, whereas the stock M3 sounds excellent in stock form.

My numbers are FACTS and my comparison was done using C&D as well. Not some stupid street racing kill story like some are using for their talking points in this thread. But my comparison was more apple2apple, meaning 6MT on both. I think you'll find those numbers to be far more similar. Anyone shopping for DCT obviously cant cross-shop with a 1M so that comparison is moot. No doubt the DCT is faster than 6MT, regardless of whether you are comparing it to an M3 or 1M. This is not a DCT vs 6MT thread tho.

My whole point is the juvenile trash talk is silly considering how close the performance is. Silly considering most who have such strong opinions on the matter have never seen a 1M let alone drive one seriously enough to make an assessment on the car. That's all. I imagine this thread will see the locked icon soon. I've said my Peace.