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Originally Posted by chris s View Post
Yeah, that sticker has got to go! Otherwise, well done!!!
Sticker GONE!!!
Originally Posted by MR///M3 View Post
awesome. I'd definitely say take the sticker off and get some OSS angels.
Sticker is off the car, I actually prefer the OEM headlight with just the LUX angels.

Originally Posted by ROB_S2K View Post
Love it man great job.

Originally Posted by dagolfpro View Post
Love/hate the sticker. Funny as &$#]%&. But glad you're taking it off. The sickest car I've seen. I'm glad you bought it instead of me. I wouldn't have done the car justice like you have.
Thank You... I sure am glad I went with this car.

Originally Posted by mesropb23 View Post
the sticker is ruining the perfection

Originally Posted by Philip@McKennaPerformance View Post
Scott Chu does great work, amazing photos/car.
Thanks man

Originally Posted by Nate@IND View Post
Could not have done it all without you guys

Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
Stunning. I agree that OSS w/ blackout would complete the look. I'm probably in the minority, but I love the drop.
I LOVE my drop and stance,OSS dont get my vote I just have not grown to love em yet.
Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post

Originally Posted by tlp View Post
Looks Great.

Your projects come together so quickly.

Afraid to ask what's next.
Dakar Yellow F10 M5 MAYBE!!!!
Originally Posted by tlp View Post
Imagine if it had a Challenge Race Diffuser.

Then I would be speechless.
Challenge is my all time top choice but 3D Design truly is amazing.

Originally Posted by PlannBee View Post
Omg its beautiful. But noooooo!

You forgot the black piece on the A-pillar! It ruins the flows of the beautiful carbon roof.
I actually prefer the way I have it.

Originally Posted by FrenchBoy View Post
Stunning. You should be proud.
I am thank you

Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
I forgot what perfection meant so I referenced a dictionary and saw your car.....

Want to give us a full run down of what's on this beast
Thanks full mod list updated pg.1
Originally Posted by biglare View Post
This is now my Favorite E90 M3 since I sold mine! lol. Absolutely gorgeous!

Simply stunning!
Well executed!

Great shots too!

Now let's work on some yellow stitching on that interior!

Coming up very very shortly,still working on what exactly I want done inside.
Keep you posted

Originally Posted by PlannBee View Post
That black piece on the A-pillar. It should be painted yellow so the carbon roof line flows along with the windshield.

This is the best picture I can show you. It's arash's silver ghost done by IND

I see what your saying but I actually feel that it makes no difference (to me)

Originally Posted by AMPowerJ View Post
I actually think it is too low and has too much front camber. Maybe I am just getting old though.
Everyone has there ride height preference for ME theres no such thing as too low. I love the look/stance.

Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
Love it. Glad you're taking off the sticker. I can't stand that one especially on high-end cars. It's just asking for trouble. Front looks too low IMO. Maybe need side skirt extensions and varis diffuser but that might make it look too busy.
I agree and I have removed that sticker haha,front actually flows very well with side skirts and I think the Varis rear lower diffuser will take away from the car as a whole.

Originally Posted by Koop View Post
+1. That front camber is pretty intense. And not a fan of the sticker.

Otherwise, looks great. Beautifully modded.
Thanks and sticker REMOVED.... LOL
Originally Posted by Orange fever View Post
Still not missing something
HAHA well now that you mention it,interior might need some more loving

Originally Posted by Sean@PSI View Post
WOW is an understatement!
Thanks man
Originally Posted by ThreeThirtyFiveI View Post
Sick as hell...

6 spd would make it perfect
Thanks man,DCT is the way to go if your running a blower.

Originally Posted by Trevor .:R View Post
Damn son! I thought the 1M is a beast this must be a new level haha =D so do you daily this?
WHOLE other level man. I love this car so much I do want to DD it but I have another car so I try and switch things up.

Originally Posted by Raja Ventureshield View Post
car looks great. you must have dumped at least 30k on top of stock car to say the least.
Cant put a price on beauty and quality.

Originally Posted by jonasaurus View Post
Wow amazing, great work!
Thank you I really really tried.