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Excellent post, but as one who has driven both extensively on the track (well, the 1M not "extensively" but enough), I have to correct the following:

Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
Stock for stock both cars are identical in acceleration to 100mph. Both cars make it to 1/4 mile in 12.9sec..
That's incorrect. Same track, same day, I've driven both (DCT vs 6MT on 1M), and G-Pro numbers matched somewhat what C&D's numbers are:

M3: (DCT: 0-60 3.9s, 1/4 @ 12.4s)
1M: (6MT: 0-60 4.5s, 1/4 @ 13.0s...although my time was closer to 12.7s)

fastestlaps also corroborates my numbers as well as C&D's:

lighting round laps around VIR also show the difference with tracks on longer sections, vs tracks with smaller sections and more curves, such as Hoffenheim:

M3: 3.05.4s
1M: 3.06.6s

The M3's V8 sounds incredible but my 1M with the Eisenmann exhaust sounds pretty damn good as well.
indeed. How does the M3 with an Akra or Gintani or Eisenmann race sound...?

Again, you make some very good points, most of which I agree with, but lets keep "Facts" vs "Opinions" on certain areas (such as performance numbers, or "modded" sounds, etc) to the numbers...


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