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Silly nonsense.
It takes a man to pull things off.
I'd never live life without a ragtop in my stable.

Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post
Alert! Please do not read if you are easily offended by obvious sexist comments....

Good looking roadster but as a guy I prefer the coupe. The roadster looks like a chick car but then again most modern roadsters since the intro of the miata look like chick cars. That's not to say they are not a lot of fun to drive . Case in point; I have a girlfriend that looks smokin' hot with the top down while cramin' the cogs in her six speed Honda S2000 (in killer heels no less). I'd rather ride with her than drive her somewhere in that car.. And that is saying a lot from a guy who only likes the driver's seat in anything with an engine!

So I'd say they have the marketing campaign correct showing the guy in the coupe and the hottie in the roadster. Makes me wonder if the marketing guys actually feel the same way and the result is this photo shoot?