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Thanks for the clarification and update BK / Jason. I Just have one thing I want to make sure I'm crystal clear on before proceeding as to not break any forum rules regarding this section of your posting:

Originally Posted by BK View Post
On the topic of commercial advertising: after some discussion, we have decided that all members may post "before and after" threads or step by step photo threads of recent details, provided the post contributes positively to the community. BUT, IF YOU ARE A PROVIDER OF FOR-PAY DETAILING SERVICES, YOU MUST BE A SPONSOR IN ORDER TO MAKE POSTS IN THIS FORUM.
As someone who will likely soon be retiring from Professional Detailing, does this mean when I no longer offer my services in exchange for money, I can begin to post some of my work with the goal of helping to inform BimmerPost members? I've enjoyed a lot of dialog on this site and watching BMW enthusiasts learn and get more serious into car care. I think this can be proven by looking at my posts: all my started threads (to include the 30k view one) were deleted / removed, yet my post count barely dipped down. Thank you in advanced,