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ok did my first day... came to the ring, used their compressor and the gauge to check the pressure. Pumped it to 2.4kpa (about 37psi), got on the ring and the car was really shifty (felt like tires were moving off the rim). Rechecked pressure and did two more laps, same shit. Finally took analog gauge from this dude, and checked... 10psi over!!!!! Set it to normal, set EDC to normal, and car drove a lot better, but not as expected. The tires hold pretty well, but still sequel under hard turning... I think i need suspension next...

Also, question. How do I know if I'm not rolling the tires? I saw little triangles on the side, how do I read them? On the back tires, i'm just touching the tip of triangle a bit. On the front, I'm half over the triangle.