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This is all our own fault. To be a successful presidential candidate in America you need to have a squeaky clean past (or have your skeletons very well hidden), you need to have a huge ego, and you need to be a glutton for punishment. Those prerequisites rule out 99% of the competent leaders in America. Guys like Tom Ridge have way too much common sense and self respect to run for president. They don't need the crap that gets thrown at anyone in the Oval Office.

People who have brains bigger than their egos know we're in deep shit and there's no realistic way out. Why volunteer to be captain of the Titanic after it hits the iceberg? It's a no-win situation. The only people you'll see running for office are those whose egos lead them to believe they're capable of fixing things or those who don't care about fixing things and just want to grab as much of the pie as they can before it all implodes

Hence Obama vs Romney.

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