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Velos Designwerks Tune

I had been trying to figure which tune to go with for a while now. With Evolve, ESS, Benvo, etc., it really didn't seem to me like there was a bad option.

I found out about Velos through the forums, and after taking to Omar, their tune seemed to fit everything I wanted. Nice performance and drivability gains on a stock car and the ability to modify the tune easily in the future to accomodate a full exhaust set up. Also, I got in on their bimmerstock promo so the price was great.

I didn't know much about the tuning process and was a little hesitant to load the tune into the computer myself, but Omar was great with answering my questions and explaining the process. He also helped me figure out exactly how the tune should be optimized for me (e.g. whether to delete cold start, increase rev limiter, and whether to tune for a specific octane).

After I read the stock program with the personal tuner and emailed it to Velos, they responded with the tuned files the same day. I have had the tune in place for about a week now. I had a baseline dyno done a few weeks ago and will get another one in the next few weeks to see what the measurable gains were. But, the car feels smoother, more powerful and better to drive.

Thanks to Omar and Velos. I'll post the dyno results when I have them.

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