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Originally Posted by Malek@MRF
Originally Posted by 1cleanm3 View Post
I've tried 3 of the best places in SoCal , let me give you my insight

1. Long tran
I'm actually surprised, they use a place up the street from them I believe. My car handles so good right now so solid overall. I'm running this alignment now and LOVING it.

2. Westend
Darren def knows his stuff, however it's a pain in the ass getting an appointment with him. I equally felt the same performance using Ltbmw and westend. However it's rated at number two because of distance from me and getting an appointment

3. Malek
I've read a lot of great reviews about his alignment skills however for me it wasn't as great as I expected. The car felt lose and didn't have as much grip. I drove 55 miles which was a pain in the ass. I felt very disconnected with the car and on the freeway it was pulling to the left. I didnt want to drive 55 miles to get it fixed.

Good Luck!

We align the car to how you specify for your driving habits. As always, all alignments have a warranty and you could have brought it back.

At the end of the day, we want to set up the car best for you. I will still honor the warranty even though it was a while ago. Feel free to come on down.
Malek ,

First things first I want to make it clear to the forum that malek is one of the nicest most welcoming guys I've dealt with. He definitely knows the m3. I'm sure without a doubt that if I brought the car back you would fix everything. I've read and keep reading reviews about your work all the time here and I don't think anyone has said something negative. I do appreciate you working on my car , I will try to stop by sometime.