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You're in NY. A good place to start to work yourself up to track is Autocross and it can get a little expensive lF you get hooked.

For your first time, $50 fee for registration, bring a tire gauge, bring a cooler with water and a sandwich, don't worry about a helmet yet as they have loaners OR rentals for $5.00. You can ask for an instructor at the beginning of every run. Also, make sure to come early as in 7:30 early so you can walk the course as many times as you can.

Autocross is usually run in rented out parking lots of stadiums which are large enough to hold events and is not exactly being on the track but it develops your skills so that once you're on that "scary track" for the first time, it'll actually feel like a gigantic open road.

As a matter of fact, there will be a BMWCCA event this Saturday at Nassau Coliseum if you'd like to attend. My suggestion, try this out.

If you decide you want to, go to, click on autocross at the top, click on schedule and register. Also bring blue painter's tape so you can create your number.

Remember to come early(by 7:30 if possible), bring plenty of water and something to eat, some sun screen, tire gauge as your tire pressures will rise, $ for registration, registration form (if u did it online) so u don't have to wait.

if you come, look for me driving an alpine white M3 marked 731, Ray. By the way, this whole novice/newbie thing, I explain it well because I just started in June and I've been to between 10-15 events now and I'll be hitting the track in the next few weeks right after my Evo School which we'll talk about if you get hooked.

Unlike track where you will spend 300.00 for registration, you will go through a set of tires for sure on the track, brake flush, new brake pads if yours are worn, autocross is much much less expensive. I would only hit the track if I'd already worked on my own driving skills and tuned the car.

a few good websites:,,, NYRscca & Motorsport.reg. check em

"Drag Racing is for fast cars, AutoX is for fast drivers"