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camber plates = tick tick ticking during low speed steering?

When I'm moving at low speeds (under 10 mph, perhaps) or stopped, I hear a ticking or clicking sound as I turn the steering wheel. The dealer says it's not the steering rack or power assist. They actually thought it was the strut brace getting torqued.

Anyway, I installed ground control camber plates shortly after I got the car. I can't clearly remember whether the car did this before the camber plates, but I think maybe it did. A bit of web searching has lead me to believe that the noise might be coming from the camber plates, themselves. I asked Ground Control and they said it shouldn't happen and that it shouldn't be a matter of lubrication as there's nothing on those camber plates that should need to be lubed.

Something else the dealer told me is that the lower control arms have a significant amount of play in them.