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First detailing effort: 2004 MB c320

Although I've read all the posts on these detailing forums (e90post/m3post) for a few years now and loaded up on detailing supplies, I finally got the motivation and courage to take a crack at polishing. Literally, I've owned a porter cable w/ accessories for about 3 years and this is my true effort with it.

I got this car from my dad last year about the time I bought my m3 and use it to haul around kids and for inclement weather, etc. It is a 2004 w/ 117k miles and was totally abused. Almost biweekly carwashes for years and had tons of scrapes and scratches...and every square inch covered in swirls.

Sorry didn't have any energy to take before/during pics, although incredibly rewarding, this was brutal process, that took several hours (~5 just on exterior), even with plenty of shortcuts.

-dr.color chip (love this stuff, but always run low on the seal-act solution)
-polished using porter cable and one-step process with menzerna power finish and orange pad (I planned on following up using the power gloss p085rd with finishing pad, but it looked so incredibly good w/o any haze I decided to skip it)
-IPA wipedown
-sealed w/ opti-seal (this was easiest part, took only about 5-10 minutes)
-waxed with poorboy world's natty blue

Thanks for looking!
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