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[quote=M3PO;12630071]I never like the idea of grinding fasteners on brakes. Also, you may be able to gain enough clearance through grinding when the brakes are cool or used lightly but keep in mind that you may still have the same issue due to thermal expansion if you use the brakes aggressively.

I think getting new wheels is the only right way to do this. That's what I would do.[/

I don't like the idea of grinding them either. And I might get hit again with thermal expansion during aggressive braking.. I saw on m3forum that a member did grind the fasteners to clear a set of 18s for tracking with no issues. However, that just may be a lucky case where nothing bad happened. I'm just wondering what swamp did in his case with the RACs, if he switched them out or if the light marking on the inner barrel eventually went away. I've got to make a decision here shortly.