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Some tracks do have noise restrictions, just check with the track before you go. For example, Lime Rock Park has an 87db limit and they enforce it. Last event I was at a guy was spoken to about noise. He had stock exhaust and speculated it might be the whine of his supercharger. Go figure.
i see you're from CT, im in the area. i went on their site to get more info about pricing and i saw $900+ for 4 hours? did i read that correctly or am i seeing things? i feel thats a bit much, but again with no prior expierence i really wouldnt know.. any thoughts?
I have only run in BMW CCA sponsored events so I can't speak for other clubs, but the CCA sponsored events usually run about $300 per event. Where are you in NY? I ran with the Patroon chapter at LRP. They also run at Watkins Glen. Check out the patroon website or the CT Valley chapter website. They both have a lot of good info about their driving schools. Also, as mentioned above, check out motorsportreg. You can search for events nearest you. The CCA events are pretty structured so I would start there.
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