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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
I've now used the Quick-fit Pro for the last few days on the street. There are ways to get the lap belt tighter including raising the seat, I will just have to see what my headroom is like with a helmet.

Belt use is great, easy in and easy out. Convenience factor of being able to remove the belts in seconds is huge and the residual belt hook-ups are of no consequence and don't interfere with anything. So far so good, Road Atlanta test this coming weekend.

Used it at Lime Rock Park yesterday, and it worked quite well. Definitely kept me more secure in the seat. I agree that the lap belt needs to have more available adjustment to make it a bit tighter without riding up. The HANS takes a little getting used to--it's almost like being a horse with blinders on. You really have to rely on your mirrors, and be aware of traffic coming off the track when you are entering the hot pits from the paddock. Now I know why people back into their parking spots in the paddock--once you have your helmet and HANS on with the harnesses secured, getting prepared for a run, you can't look over your shoulder to back out of your spot.
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