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True - but also depends on how you're loading your outside front and rears. If you're truly at your limit on both front and rear, maximizing your grip mid corner, any power change will cause bad problems. If not, then you're probably not at your grip limit - in fact thats how I usually detect how well I'm loading both fronts and rears... if theres more room to wiggle the wheel or play with the throttle then I'm not at the limit. The absolute limit mid corner it a beautiful and delicate thing
I agree that balancing a car near the limits with plenty of slip angle is a delightful experience

However I am not sure I am on board with your entire statement.

From my understanding, the limit of adhesion is not a clear cut black and white thing. Tires need to slip to generate grip, hence the harder you push the more slip you will have. There is no hard limit per say, only increased slip. Even as you feel the tires are sliding away, the still are generating lateral force.

Further, I don't believe that there is a single car out there that is perfectly neutral in every driving condition. Hence, you will never be at the "limit" (read same slip angle) of the front and rear tires simultaneously in every condition.

As long as the changes to inputs are smooth, the change in slip level remains predictable and the driver is able to compensate. What concerns me more is abrupt changes in inputs that would suddenly and drastically alter the slip level of the tires where the driver is not able to react fast enough to correct it.

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