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Originally Posted by M3crit View Post
i see you're from CT, im in the area. i went on their site to get more info about pricing and i saw $900+ for 4 hours? did i read that correctly or am i seeing things? i feel thats a bit much, but again with no prior expierence i really wouldnt know.. any thoughts?
Yes, very expensive and out of line with most club sponsored events. Visit

and I think that you will find many HPDE events which would be ideal for your first track adventure and cost effective. Try and locate one which will be close to your home, sign up for it, and have a fun time. Any event you register for the organizer will place you in the novice group and assign an instructor. Take your car. You will not need to do anything to your car (E90)except have it tech inspected before you go to the event. It will be fine for your first outing. Have fun, learn a little about what your car is about, and how well you will do. But be warned, this is an addictive sport.

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