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OP - I don't own any BMW of any kind, so hopefully my opinion is objective enough

I have to agree with JulieDriving; I think the owner of the 1M is insecure about his car, and worse, lacks knowledge of the other cars that share the BMW - not just the ///M - badge.

I don't normally like to get involved in these discussions because they are just plain silly. If I had the funds to get a 1M now, I would. If I had the funds to get an M3 now, I would. If I had the funds to get a 335 now, *gasp* I would. They are all great cars that were purpose-built for what they are. People that buy a BMW as a status symbol or an achievement**, don't deserve the car they drive in my opinion.

**This statement does NOT include those of you that worked your ass off, saved your money and ate Top Ramen for a decade to EARN the car you drive now.
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