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Originally Posted by burakkose View Post
the 1m owner looks unsecure imo.
I've driven both, a friend has one, fully loaded 1m

i have to be honest with you.

1m coupe is like the girl who you wanna f**k badly, whereas M3 is your loyal wife. But my vote goes to m3
I don't know what you are talking about. There is not enough makeup or alcohol in the world to take the ugly out of the 1 series. In fact, I think it is a running joke at BMW to see how people will still flock to the badge no matter how ugly they make their cars. Heck, they've kicked it up a notch. The next one will be FWD and probably even uglier than the current one and they'll laugh as people will still buy them like ugly is in style. Speaking of which, wtf would people want to make their M3 look like a 1M? And the shit doesn't even line up so you are probably feeding more air to the inner liner than the oil cooler and intake.

I've had my 2008 M3 since it had 0 miles on the odometer. It was built to my specifications and have been paid off since 2009. You are right, the M3 is my loyal wife. These other guys are leasing so they have no loyalty.