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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Use the .org file (which is your original file), and in the options turn checksum correction off. The stock file already has the correct checksum which will negate the need for the cable to do its own checksum correction (for the stock file only). Should also work fine leaving the checksum correction on, although the preferred method is off for the stock file.

e92zero: Ignition should be on for flashing, keep the door open and prevent it from closing and the ignition should stay on. If the car goes to 'sleep' for one reason or another, I would probably suggest leaving it until it completes, and if it fails, try re-flashing with the ignition on. Not suggested to toggle the start button during flashing, but Sal or Imran will probably have more info on this for you.

Hope this helps

I can't wait for their supercharger
Great! Thank you so much! I am interested in their supercharger also but probably later down the line.