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It got me thinking of what about the M3 is what I love, and what things I wish it had a better:

Things I Love:
  • S65
    This engine, although I agree it "could've" used more Torque, it is a track-based engine... high revving, N/A, with excellent gearing, etc. I agree for city use, more torque and more power would be most welcomed, and against C63's and such, it doesn't have a chance in highway racing, but that's not what this car is for. Take it to the track, and let her live in the 5-8.5k range, and watch beauty just happen.

    It didn't win engine of the year award in 11tybillion times in a row for nothing.
  • M-DCT
    a MAIN reason why I ended up with this car over a 1M or other cars in consideration (C63, RS4, etc). After 30 years of driving Manuals only, and having a somewhat biased view on "automatics", one lap on the track on a DCT and I was sold! Just marvelous! The Rev-matching is to die for!
    Totally subjective, but there is not a hotter coupe/sedan luxury GT car out there. Clean lines, beautiful facia, nice "ass", good fender flaring, and just very classy overall.
    Need a say more? You can hate on the lack of "torque", looks, price, or anything else, but one thing even the haters have to agree on: the chassis is a thing of marvel! So balanced, and so planted.

Things that I don't like:
    Being a N/A engine, I expected this, but even a few HP will cost you a LOT! I remember a simple $500 JB3 and a $300 set of downpipes on my 135i, and I was pulling near 400rwhp.... for street use, that was outstanding!
    city use could definitely use more! At track, I'm perfectly fine as is!
  • MPG
    yeah, I knew it coming in...and yeah, it still hurts!
    Maybe it's a Miami thing, maybe it's the big city thing, but I see TONS of them out there, relatively speaking. In places like Atlanta, or Denver, etc, you don't see too many, but L.A. and Miami...sheesh!

just my 0.02

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