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Lets briefly analyze the next 3 UFC events.

Hamill returns to grind on some peeps.
We might see Bisping nap on the canvas again.
Vitor needs to bring back PunchesByTheBunches/Flurry of fists and show Jones which way is up.
Joseph isn't as quick as Mouse but just might be good enough.

Ellenberger needs to get back on his ball game.
I can't stand browne not douchefoot, but i will take browne via devastating ko. If a grand piano drops out of the sky on both of them, I won't be mad.

Maia and story, no a damn thing exciting about this fight. Both are boring.
Lets all hope that Silva KO fitch into a retirement.
If Glover comes ready, we just might see douchepage (t)ko'd for the 1st time in UFC.
Jose and Fe...I haven't decided who to root for yet.