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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
I don't bed my brakes on the street. They bed themselves naturally on the track. By the end of the first session, I've got a nice blue tint on my rotors.
Agree only if you're using the same pads on both street and track. (ie) the rotors have already mated with the pads before, even if the "bed" layer has already worn off (and it will), requiring just a simple touchup, street or track.

If you switch between 2 different pad compounds then I think you have to do a formal and proper bed-in procedure to transfer like-material to the rotor face.

I've never felt like my first session at the track is worthwhile for doing this--heat up is too abrupt--maybe its just me and my over enthusiasm on the first big brake zone. I usually do about 10 controlled 70-10mph stops in rapid succession (late at night). Pagids and other race pads require a lot of heat to to do it properly, much more than street pads.

I have bedded them in driving to the track in the wee hours, but my car's so loaded down and crammed full of crap (4 tires/rims in the back seat, jacks, tools, tent, etc etc) that its a bit of a PITA! Prefer to do it ahead of time.

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