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Originally Posted by positiveions View Post
Lon, what do you guys recommend to remove the old tape that is still stuck on the wheel?
OP, that is some ape-thinking job. Sorry to read about your misfortune.
To remove tape stuck to the wheel just use a silicone grease like a spray on tire shine and a plastic scraping tool like a plastic spoon. Then just degrease them. It works in about 30 seconds and doesn't scratch the wheel. I used to work at the local lambourgini dealer and I did this to a few dozen wheels.

As for the shop this is utterly absurd. If the wheel weights aren't sticking then clean the area and use adhesion promoter, you don't do hundreds or thousands of unessesary damage to the customer's wheels. The wheels need to be sent to HRE for refinishing on their dime.

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