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Originally Posted by Ohh_5H1T View Post
I was just about to say.... either that R8 wasn't pushing it or that CLS is insanely modded because the V10's 0-60 time is 3.7 seconds which is considerably faster than the CLS stock! but thanks for clarifying that!!! I had originally watched it on my phone and didn't even bother to read the title(to myself lol). RennTech is the businesssss though!!!! Wish we had a shop like that in NY that worked on BMW's!
Just looking at road test data, it appears that, stock vs stock, the CLS 63 would pull a bit on the R8 V10 from a roll. Of course it wouldn't run away like that.

Still, that's pretty amazing. Trap speeds over 120 MPH from a stock (and weighty) luxury car - with EPA ratings of 16/25?