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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
the thing that got me puzzled, was the following:

the guy gave me his business card and he is a professional in all the senses (think "lawyer/doctor/CTO" type), and had the following statement regarding the whole "unloading" of the car:

" car is already appreciating! you can't buy one for 60K.... once the new body is announced, yours will be worth 40 or less.... Mine will continue going up... You should unload it, get a temporary car until the new M3 comes out, or just get the M5 and call it a day.."

Given he said that, the next question to ask him then would of been "so how bad was the mark-up you paid on it?"

While the 1M was a limited production car, it's still a "parts bin" car. It might not depreciate as fast a a regular 1-series but it will not see the slow depreciation of a Z8 for example.

If he thinks the value will rise I would suspect he is delusional in trying to self-justify the fact he paid more than MSRP (or blue book if he bought it used).