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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
Disclaimer: this thread is NOT for a fustercluck of e-crotch measurements, or for bad fellowship. It's a genuine attempt to get understanding of the viewpoints in question. If your intent to reply in this thread is to instigate or insult (towards/against ...either way), please find another thread.

My question, is, however, why do "some" 1M owners tend to use the M3 as their punching bag to make their point across?

would love to hear some comments/feedback.
By simply asking this question you have negated your disclaimer..and hence this will inevitably end up a fustercluck of e-crotch measuring.

So what I have gathered from reading here, is that fellow BMW drivers are competitive? Everyone feels "their" car is the better nothing about this is surprising.

You should have just lined up with him and reported the results..that would have made for a better thread