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Originally Posted by ILSMKU
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Lol thanks man! It's jerez black with fox red/black interior.
Good stuff! Enjoy that bad boy! Im sure you already know, but in case you dont; if you press the gas pedal down pass the click and hold downsift back, it will downshift to the lowest possiable gear your RPMs will allow. Once you pass you break in point that is though.

I drove around downshifting from 7th to 4th clicking downshift for each gear for 6months until I read some thread discussing things about the M3 that one might not know. HaHa.
Haha thanks!
That's awesome I read about that too but haven't tried it yet! Although I just got my break in service done on Friday. On Saturday I was already redlining it and just watching in amazement as the RPM lights illuminate! So damn cool!