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Originally Posted by MikeE92M3 View Post
Active Autowerke does something like this don't they? I was thinking of putting in resonators directly behind the mufflers..I have been thinking of taking off the stock resonators past the x pipe, putting in some more piping, and putting the new resonators further back, closer to the mufflers now. Would that make a difference? The setup like the HKS is very intriguing but may cause a headache for the muffler shop? Interesting, nonetheless!

if you just add another set of resonators it will just deepen the tone. The above HKS setup is Heimholtz chambers. The key is running them like 90 deg off the pipe. You don't even need the full bottle type resonator, a length of 2.5" pipe welded off the side and capped on the end will work just as well.